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Drill of the Week: 3 vs 3 Backdoor Shooter

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 11/03/20, 9:30AM CST



This small area game, which was shared by Delano High School coach Gerrit Van Bergen, emphasizes the offensive concepts of puck support and using cross-ice passes across "Royal Road" to create high quality scoring chances.


  • Start with a 2 vs 2, and each team has a third player in their "backdoor" circle.
  • The 2 vs 2 players must pass to their backdoor shooter to take the first shot, and the pass must come from the opposite side of the green line.
  • Teammates earn one rebound per shot taken by the backdoor shooter. Only one backdoor shooter can be in the circle. Opposing players cannot defend the backdoor shooter.
  • Progression: Once players understand the concept of the game, utilize a point structure that encourages teams to use the backdoor shooter without requiring it. 3 pts - Backdoor shooter goal, 2 pts - Rebound of a backdoor shot, 1 pt - Goal scored without using the backdoor shooter. 


  • Win the first puck touch
  • Puck support and communication to set up backdoor passing lane
  • Utilize "Royal Road" to create scoring chances

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