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Drill of the Week: 1/4 Ice 2 vs 1 with Backcheck

By Minnesota Hockey & CoachThem, 10/27/20, 8:00AM CDT



Recreating a game situation, the 1/4 Ice 2 vs 1 with Backcheck is a sure fire way to bring up your practice's intensity! By beginning the drill in a small area, the forwards are forced to create their lane to the net while the defenders attempt to break the play early.


  • D starts on knees, pressures puck and talks with backchecker (X)
  • starts on dot, must tag red line before jumping back in play
  • F1 and F2 start with backs touching wall at the blueline
  • F1 to break across blue line while F2 strides up wall, and then jumps back into the play via board lane
  • Coach blows whistle to activate play, and will pass to either FWD for the rush
  • Play it out


  • Hard, fast and intense game situation, D must force play

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