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Drill of the Week: BONZ x2 to 3v2

By Minnesota Hockey, 09/21/20, 1:00PM CDT


ADM Coordinator Wes Bolin Shares Neutral Zone Transition Drill


In our first Drill of the Week, we collaborated with Minnesota Hockey ADM Coordinator and Woodbury High School coach, Wes Bolin, to highlight a drill that utilizes multiple skills and neutral zone concepts while allowing your players to be distant on the ice. The BONZ x2 to 3 vs 2 achieves that and more, and is a great addition to a Bantam/15U and above practice!


  • F1 starts by passing across to F2 and moves to support D1&2; F3 slides down for support
  • F2 passes to D1 and supports for neutral zone breakout.
  • D1 then passes D2 (D1 steps off to the side if drill is 3v1 or follows up if drill is 3v2)
  • D2 passes to F3 and follows the play up into the neutral zone to play the line rush back.
  • F3 passes to either D3 or D4, who then go D-D while Fs support for a second neutral zone breakout and attack the D at the end where they first regrouped.
  • As soon as the F's attack across the red line, the next group begins in opposite direction. All D have to quickly establish support positions.


  • D should be fluid in the neutral zone and support their partner properly
  • Fs should use good support patterns to receive pass from D

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