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Hockey at Home: 8 Unique Games & Challenges

By Touchpoint Media, 06/02/20, 10:15AM CDT


Good news: Sports are starting to return, rinks are beginning to open and Minnesota Hockey has released its Return to Play Guidelines. But while school is out and we continue to practice safe social distancing, kids are still hungering for hockey at home.

Here are some fun and unique hockey challenges they can try while we prepare for the 2020-21 season.

Bullseye Accuracy

Every Friday, USA Hockey has been issuing a new #WeekendHockeyChallenge for kids to participate in at home. Week 7 of USA Hockey’s #WeekendHockeyChallenge focuses on shooting accuracy. Set up five creative targets at home, wear your team jersey and film your sniper skills. Share the video with USA Hockey’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages using #WeekendHockeyChallenge for a chance to win prizes, and stay tuned this Friday for the next contest.

Surf’s Up

Work on the ABCs — agility, balance and coordination — with the challenge of playing catch or stick handling on a balance board. Join the fun with your kid and make a game out of it to see who can last the longest! WATCH

1-on-1 with Man’s Best Friend

Do you have a dog? Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner posted a video of him stickhandling with his best friend. This is a fast-paced, fun and intense way to work on hands, creativity and spatial awareness with pressure. (see right/below)

Dizzy Hockey

Need an indoor hockey game for rainy days? Phy-ed teacher Kent Hamilton has just the game for you and your family. Grab these household supplies — broom, laundry baskets, balloon/ball, or anything similar — spin five times and let’s play hockey! WATCH

Getting Creative

Creativity is an overlooked skill that kids need to develop on their own. That’s exactly what Belgian 8-year-old Eppo Janssen did when hockey season was cut short. He used Playmobil toys to create and film his own hockey game at home. Can your child do something similar?

Dodgeball Hockey

This might be field hockey, but substitute your ice hockey stick and work on those silky mitts for next season. See how long your kid can last without losing control of the puck/ball. Dial up or down the intensity to keep them guessing.  (See right/below)

Take the Test

Do you know every signal the officials make during a hockey game? Are you aware of everything referees need to know before they put on the stripes? Here’s your chance. Read up on the USA Hockey Officiating Rulebook, watch videos from the Officiating Education Program, and challenge your parents and teammates.

Take it a step further and register to begin the process of becoming an official!

Cone Destruction

Strength, conditioning and long-term athlete development expert Jeremy Frisch has a ton of fun activities and obstacle courses for kids. This may look nothing like hockey, but the skills and fitness utilized in his Cone Destruction course helps develop explosiveness and athleticism that will pay dividends on the ice. (See right/below)

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