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Coaching Webinars Offer Unique Opportunity

By Minnesota Hockey, 05/28/20, 1:30PM CDT


When it comes to development for players during the offseason, the list of opportunities is typically long and varied.  

Most youth coaches on the other hand face far more challenges than opportunities to improve from year to year. First and foremost, the large majority of them are running their kids to and from spring and summer sports as well as some of the hockey programs listed above and working full time jobs. Add in various other commitments for other sports, projects at home and trying to enjoy the short summers in Minnesota, and the “offseason” tends to slip by quickly.

Kids are often encouraged to spend 15-20 minutes a day stick handling or shooting pucks in the summer. The relatively small daily time commitment adds up over the course of the offseason resulting in a major improvement by the start of next season.

What if every coach in Minnesota (or the entire U.S.) spent one hour, or roughly one webinar, per week honing their coaching knowledge and philosophy from now until next season? How much better of a youth hockey experience and environment could we provide?

Here’s the good news for coaches.

USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey have hosted numerous coaching webinars over the past two months, and they are available to be viewed on YouTube at your leisure.

The best part is many of the webinars feature topics and speakers who wouldn’t typically be accessible through most coaching clinics. Here’s a small sample of some of the great resources available.

Combined, USA Hockey and Minnesota Hockey have produced nearly 50 webinars on topics ranging from physical literacy and sport specialization to sport psychology and mental training to creating an optimal learning environment with games, challenges and other tactics.

The full list of USA Hockey coaching webinars is available here and Minnesota Hockey webinars can be found here.

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