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Legacy Fund

For over 70 years, Minnesota Hockey has been working with our community-based model to provide opportunities for every hockey player in the state. Our members and volunteers are the individuals who make this game and this model of hockey the most unique in the country. While providing opportunities to all players and programs, Minnesota Hockey is also focused on giving back to our communities. In many cases, families face financial hardships, or communities are in need of support from the outside.

In an effort to help where possible, Minnesota Hockey is excited to provide the Legacy Fund. This fund will provide grants to individuals, families, organizations or associations in need of financial support to overcome hardships, or to overcome tragedies. 

While there is not a limit to how much financial assistance can be requested, there is a limit to funds available. There is also no deadline for applications, but decisions will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Discretion will be used by Minnesota Hockey’s Legacy Fund Committee as to if money should be awarded, and how much.

Who is eligible to apply for the grant? 

  • Associations must have a current Minnesota Hockey Affiliate Agreement and be in good standing
  • Individuals/families must be Minnesota Hockey members and in good standing
  • Those looking to make a difference for those in need. Preference will be given to applications that nominate a group or family to receive funds as opposed to those who nominate themselves

Proposals for the following are ineligible for consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Team fundraisers, including funding for travel expenses
  • Capital campaigns, building or improvement projects
  • To pay operational expenses, including salaries
  • Private foundations or endowment programs, international agencies or nonprofits that benefit individuals or organizations outside the state of Minnesota
  • Churches and religious organizations, political parties or political activities

Who is making decisions on allocations?

All decisions on Legacy Fund allocations will be determined by the Minnesota Hockey Legacy Fund committee which includes members of the Minnesota Hockey staff, the Minnesota Hockey Board of Directors, and the Minnesota Wild Foundation.