Edina White Jr. Gold B

Season Recap

This season was extremely memorable because of the amount of growth we experienced and the amount of personality our team had.  The sophomores (which we had many) fresh out of bantams adjusted quickly, and it didn't take long before they were a driving engine for our team.  Juniors and seniors provided great leadership as well, and goaltending was a bright spot in nearly all of our important wins.  We were consistently successful over the course of the season, but we didn't always achieve our ultimate goals, which never seemed to hinder spirits but rather fueled hunger for the next opportunity. 

Certainly, this team would have been a fun one to watch in the State Tournament because they were poised to take that next step, and they were at their best in the weeks leading up to it.  Seeing their development as players and individuals was the best part of it all!

Team Roster

No. First Last Pos.
3 Henri Denault F
4 Jack Sorem D
5 Aditya Mehta F
6 Colin Dorsey F
7 Owen Swenson F
8 Tayden Erickson F
9 Samuel Garza F
10 Joseph Flaherty D
11 John Snow D
12 Davin Olson F
14 Samuel Thorson D
15 Clayton Culbert D
16 Maxwell Nelsen D
17 Brian Post D
21 Alex Carlson F
26 Jackson Holley F
42 Malcolm Johnson D
43 Mark Kaju F
1 Frank Fabbro G
30 Bryce Hess G
HC Ben Borgeson
AC Ben Cookson
AC Cam Willox
AC Rob Cauble
MGR Jay Halvorson