Blaine Jr. Gold 16

Season Recap

It is so hard to sum up this season without any feeling of closure. Unfortunately, life always has a really funny way of getting in the way when you least expect it to. From the moment I met you guys and girl, I knew we were going to be something special. In my 18+ years of coaching, there are few times when you feel a sense of destiny and after that first practice. I knew we were going to be a great team.

Bringing levity to a competitive team isn’t always easy, but it is so important. Those moments help to make up a season like this. Whether it was encouraging guys to wear socks under their sweatpants, worry a little less about their hair or simply the nicknames and inside jokes, you made being at the rink and in the locker room fun every day. 

It wasn't all fun and games though. Your energy and passion for the game was inspiring. Your growth over the course of the season, especially for those that switched positions, was a joy to watch, and even though we as a coaching staff had high expectations for you, we can confidently say you surpassed them all.

‚ÄčTo the parents, families and our fierce leader, Tamie, thank you for the support! Coaching is a great privilege of my life, and your players give me my sense of purpose.

Thanks all,

Coach Tom

Team Roster

No. First Last Pos.
00 Ryan Rivers G
3 Kole Dockter D
7 Colin Lange D
9 Aaron Maki F
14 Isaak Johnson F
15 Thomas Babb D
16 Andrew Swanson F
19 Matthew Hesli D
22 Kaiden Spector F
28 Finnian McLaughlin F
32 Hunter Bennett F
34 Mason Hanson F
39 Jakob Salminen F
55 Maxwell Pickett F
74 Brady Zuchowski D
84 Nathan Johnson D
87 Dylan Rasmussen F
88 Nathan Jacobson F
97 Connor Dickman F
99 Billie Donohue G
HC Tom Dreshar
HC Ken Manthis
AC Matthew Dreshar
AC Jake Klute
MGR Tamie Maki