Each team is expected to provide a minimum of one volunteer for each game. One team's volunteer manages the scorebook and the other does the time clock. If available, teams are encouraged to provide an additional volunteer each to oversee the two penalty boxes. 

Timekeeper (clock/scoreboard)

Before the game:
- Ensure the game clock is turned on and working properly

View general scoreboard instructions

During the game:
- Run the time clock
- Enter goals on scoreboard
- Enter penalties on scoreboard


Before the game:
- Obtain scorebook from team manager and roster labels for both teams

During the game:
- Record goals and penalties as information is received from game referee

After the game:
- Obtain referee signature(s) on scoresheet
- Obtain a coach signature from both teams
- Sign the scoresheet yourself
- Turn in completed, signed scoresheet to team manager(s)

Penalty Box Attendant

- Opens and closes penalty box door when needed, based on direction from referee/scorekeeper

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