Note: This role can be mainly filled by coaches, provided they monitor the locker room appropriately.


- Register as Ice Manager/Volunteer with USA Hockey (see below)
- Clear background check (see below)
- Complete SafeSport training. To start, click here

General Duties

Before a Practice/Game
- Obtains locker room key from manager or ice arena employee
- Is present in locker room during ‘gear on’ time to ensure all players arrive with the proper attire for a co-ed locker room and directs any players without proper attire to change into appropriate clothing in the facility restroom
- Monitors and addresses behavior of skaters; ensures cell phones/mobile devices are not used in locker room before, during, and after game.
- Locks locker room during practice and/or game; unlocks the locker room before the game ends

After the Practice/Game
- Is present in locker room during ‘gear off’ time, again ensuring proper attire is maintained for all players
- Return key to ice arena employee