- Register as Ice Manager/Volunteer with USA Hockey (see below)
- Clear background check (see below)
- Complete SafeSport Training

General Duties

- Maintain team file of required code of conduct forms
- Coordinate team communications with team coach(es) to keep parents and players informed, including Rec League team webpage
- Develop scorebook roster labels utilizing the Rec League’s template
- Create and manage a schedule of game day volunteers (see Parent Volunteer Game Day Job Descriptions) for all games
- Assist the coach in finding a substitute goalie, if necessary, including use of Goalie Substitution List
- Provide support for communication, execution and delivery of team photos
- Aid the Rec League in planning and implementation of the Year End Festival

Game Day Duties

Before the game
- Provide four scorebook roster labels for all games. View template(s) below
- Ensure game day volunteers are in place and prepared for their role during the game. Each team is encouraged to provide at least one volunteer.

During the game
- Fill in for missing game day parent volunteers, if necessary

After the game
- Coordinate with coaches and managers to report official scoresheets from all games to the Rec League 

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