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2013-2014 Minnesota Seminars


MHOA is using the same Seminar Registration Program as last year.  In order to register for a seminar, you will need to create a "User Profile" on the USA Hockey web-site.  And then register for a seminar.  (Returning officials...please enter your profile just as it is printed on last years registration card, no special characters or spaces) You will find the links below to perform these tasks...Thank You!

In the event you need to cancel from a seminar, please contact your local supervisor or the "contact" of the seminar you need to cancel!

Special Notice....USAHockey.com is legally prohibited from accepting user profile information from minors younger than 13 years old. To register an official younger than 13, please contact your local supervisor of officials to be manually added.  (He will need to know the name, address, city, zip, birthdate, and phone of the potential official and what seminar he/she would like to attend.)  Contact information for all supervisors can be found on the "MHOA Board" icon/link !

Click here to register for a seminar if you have a profile

Seminar Registration (then click on the 'here' link under Seminar Catalog)

Click here to create a Profile

Create a Usa Hockey Profile

Listing of Minnesota Seminars

Above is a "pdf" file you can view or print to see a composite listing of all Minnesota Seminars.

Have a Great Season!

Have a great Season

Have a great Season!