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Minnesota Adult Hockey

Known as the State of Hockey throughout the US, Minnesota is home to the largest group of youth hockey players in the nation.  It is also home to a significant number of adult men and women who have such a passion for the game that they continue to play hockey throughout their lives.

At the adult level, players make the transition from a competitive environment to more of a recreational atmosphere.  Players are able to participate with the purpose of having fun, staying active and physically fit, without worrying about the pressures of competition or a detailed training program.

The two largest organized adult associations in Minnesota are the Minnesota Wild Adult League operating out of the Schwan Super Rink and the Adult Hockey Association (AHA Hockey) which plays at multiple facilities within the Twin Cities metro area. Both leagues have programs designed to fit participants of all ability levels ranging from beginners to former collegiate and professional players.  

For more information on AHA Hockey, the Minnesota Wild Adult Hockey League, and the Hockey Finder League, follow the links below. 

Players outside of the metro area should contact their local arena for details on adult hockey opportunities in their area.

Adult Hockey Association (AHA)

Click here to visit the AHA Hockey website.

Hockey Finder League

Click here to visit the Hockey Finder website.

Minnesota Wild Adult Hockey League

Click here for more information.

Adult Hockey News