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Parent Education

Dear Hockey Parents

This family is all smiles, enjoying the outdoor ice in their backyard.

Being a parent is hard. Of course, you already know that.

Add youth sports and it gets more difficult.  Not only do youth sports require more time (games, practice, travel, etc.) and a financial commitment (fees, equipment, etc.), they open the door to a whole new list of challenges as a parent.  Many are asked to coach.  Even more are enlisted to help with administrative tasks like team management, fundraising, recruitment, marketing, communications and the list goes on.  On top of all this, comes what may be the most difficult challenge for parents: how do you balance supporting your child's athletic pursuits without becoming too emotionally involved and potentially ruining your child's experience?

Minnesota Hockey understands these concepts. Our organization consists of parents, coaches, volunteers and players that have experienced these issues firsthand. That is why we are committed to providing all parents with continuous advice and resources.

Visit this page regularly for latest in parent news and education.

Player Development Resources

Parent Guide for 8U

Coaching at the 8U level is all about the kids being engaged and active. Keep in mind that it is critical at this age for kids to have fun. Players that have fun will want to return, and by getting them to return we can further their development. It’s critical to remember the following when coaching this age group: no lines, no laps and no lectures.

Parent Guide for 10U/12U

Even though the years between 8 and 10 may not seem like a long time, they can make all the difference in the right approach to a hockey player’s development. The 10U/12U level is the beginning of a golden age in skill development so this age group places a keen focus on learning hockey skills.

Parent Guide for 14U/16U

The 14U and 16U level is where a player starts to put it all together. The skills they’ve acquired at younger ages are starting to gel, and mental skills are easier to learn. At 14U and 16U, the games are more intense, the practices are harder and the quality of play is better than it ever has been.

Parent News

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