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General Coaching Guidelines and Recommendations


  • The Rec League encourages parents to be involved in the hockey program in a supportive, encouraging way.
  • We seek coaches that, above all, seek to instill a joy of the game in each of the players in the league.
  • Coaches are expected to promote a fun experience over a competitive experience.
  • It is also critical to ensure a safe and respectful environment is established and supported by all coaches.  This includes within the coach's own team, with opposing teams, and with referees.
  • Coaches should provide equal playing time to every hockey player.
  • Anyone interested in coaching is required to receive USA Hockey Certification and a background check before stepping on the ice.

Practice Recommendations


  • Since the Recreation league has primarily shared practices, it is important for coaches from each team to communicate before each practice to ensure time is well-utlized.
  • The Recreation League recommends a 20-20-20 practice format.  
    • During the first 20 minutes, teams are combined for length of ice skating drills.  Drills should be designed to build fundamental skating skills. 
    • During the second 20 minutes, teams divide into separate groups to work on individual or team skill development.
    • During the final 20 minutes, teams have a scrimmage.  Depending on numbers, teams can set up cross-ice or full-ice scrimmages.
  • Coaches are strongly encouraged to organize practices in such a way that players are moving as much as possible.  Coaches should avoid drills that require significant explaining or drills that require long lines where players have to wait.
  • Utilize as much of the ice as possible by creating stations or several lines so that players get maximum repetitions.
  • Since the Rec League has a limited number of practices, we want to ensure that each player is skating and/or touching the puck as much as possible.